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IMPOSSIBLE Clairvoyant X-Ray Box.

To see an invisible object is truly a miracle.

A spectator places any personal object in the box closes the lid and ties it shut (or not).

Instantly you are able to name any object placed inside the the box! You even name the color of the object, its texture and which way it is resting within the box. In short everything to positively identify the spectators personal article. You will be right EVERY time. Repeat immediately.

Any article that will fit in the box can be used for this clairvoyant effect. The X-ray Box may be examined by the spectators before and after.

  • The Gimmick Defies Detection
  • NO Electronic's!
  • NO Fiddling or Adjusting!

Wear a 'See-Thru' Blindfold if you like!

Great Coffee Table Miracle!


SKU: NP-6051
Out of Stock
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