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The routine is good for illustrative purposes which require three basic ideas to bring about a change. Gospel magic, corporate presentations, and health messages lend themselves well to the routine.

The basic presention is to have someone from the audience try to balance a curved piece of wood from their finger tip with the hand palm up. This proves to be quite impossible. Next the magician goes into a discussion of some sort and states three principles that can make a "change" in the outcome of the subject being discussed. By way of demonstration, the magician shows a belt with holes in it and signs with hooks whereby each one of the signs has one of the three important principles previously stated on it. The signs are hooked on to the belt. The belt's center is now hooked on to the previously uncooperative piece of wood and positioned on to the finger with the hand palm up. This time the piece of wood magically balances and stays in position.

The props are all well made to last for many performances. You get everything you need including patter for three different presentations.


SKU: NP11-3700
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