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A "One-Two Punch" in the World of Card to Wallets!

You openly shuffle a deck of playing cards, spectator remembers one card of their own choosing.

In an instant, the cards are spread and their card has vanished!

The cards can be freely shown front and back...there is no sign of the spectator's selection.

You now remove a small leather wallet from your pocket and open it to reveal a single face down card.

The card is removed and it is seen to be the spectator's selection!

You explain that the first time really wasn't fair on the audience, because they didn't know what to you offer to repeat it.

The spectator again chooses a card and it too vanishes in an instant!

You ask the spectator to pick up the wallet from the table and open it.

They do...and inside they discover the missing card!

  • No Palming or Sleight of Hand!
  • Wallet is Totally Examinable!

Wallet Contains Only One Card!


SKU: NP6821
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