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A piece of solid rope of some 12 feet in length is tied between two chairs.

The magician displays a length of rope and cuts it into two parts of 14" and 60". the two pieces are tied together. Suddenly the knot slowly moves from it's end towards the middle of the rope which is held outstretched between the magician's hands. The knot slides to the center and the magician unties it showing that the rope is cut at this new position!

The effect is immediately repeated. The rope is retied in the middle and held between the hands of the magician again. The knot moves slowly towards the opposite end of the rope and is untied there!

In the end, the rope is retied and then magically restored with the knot having vanished!

You get the rope and complete instructions for performance and handling.

Perfect addition to any rope routine!!!


SKU: NP21565
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