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The magician places two small packets of cards, one red-backed and one blue-backed, on the table. The first volunteer is given a free choice of either the red or blue packet. The volunteer is then asked to imagine that the packet chosen consists of the four Queens and to merely think of any one of the Queens. A second volunteer is instructed to think of any one of the remaining Queens (after the first volunteer reveals only which color their selection is) and to focus the though of that card on the second packet. Now the magician states that he will cause the two thought of cards to change places. After a magical gesture the volunteers reveal their thought of cards. The card packets are then fairly spread to reveal that each thought of Queen is now in the other's packet. Even more shocking is that when the face up Queen in the blue packet is turned over, it is seen to be red backed, and the same switch is seen for the red packet of cards to reveal a blue backed Queen.

As a finale the magician states that the spectators are probably wondering what would have happened if the volunteers had selected different cards. When the other cards in each packet are turned over they are seen to be all Jokers!


SKU: NP-0045
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