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This high quality silk scarf makes the perfect addition to your dove routine!

At any time during his act, the performer removes his white scarf that is hanging around his neck. While folding the scarf over his arm, two beautiful white doves suddenly appear from out of the scarf and fly off into the air!

- No steals or body load are involved.
- Sleeves can be rolled prior to the production.
- Easy to perform.
- Perfect for stage or parlor acts.
- Made of 100% high quality white silk.
- Very silent opening. (no Velcro or awkward "scratching" sound)
- Can be used with one or two doves.

This is used by the pros! Don't miss out on the opportunity to add this elegant prop to your dove act!

Scarf Dimensions Approximately 58" x 9 1/2" (147cm x 24cm)


SKU: NP-0083
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