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The performer shows 3 small identical pill boxes and places them on the table. He hands the spectator a penny and asks him to place the coin in one of the boxes while his back is turned and mix the boxes up. The magician hands the spectator a nickel and instructs the spectator to place the nickel into an empty box and mix the boxes up once again. The magician now gives the spectator a dime and while the magician's back is turned, the dime is added to the last box and they are mixed up a last time. The magician now places another penny, nickel and dime on the table. One is next to each of the 3 boxes and tells the spectator that these are his predictions as to which coin is in each box. The boxes are opened and the coins inside the boxes match the prediction coins exactly!


You get instructions for this routine plus a bonus effect where the spectator merely looks into one of the boxes (while the magician's back is turned) which contains a coin and the magician can tell the spectator which box was looked into and which coin was in the box.



SKU: NP-116
$31.50 Regular Price
$20.48Sale Price
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