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In all magic there is probably no sucker effect to compare with this splendid trick.


A hat or other suitable container is placed on your table. A solid wooden die is introduced from it. Then a handsome box having two compartments, left & right, with doors is displayed. These doors are opened as the audience is looking in the front and the die is placed within the box.


With the doors open, the audience is given a view of the die inside the box. The doors are closed.


The magician now commands the die to leave the box, opening first one side and closing it, then the other, showing each side of the box to be empty(?).


The audience hears the die slide from one side of the box to the other and starts yelling that there is really no trick, just the die moving around inside.


After the usual by-play the magician shows that the die has vanished by opening all the doors at one time.

The die has, to everyone's surprise, appeared back in the original hat or container.


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