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A fun trick for entertaining children.

The white card is placed in the box's compartment with the red dot on the door and the door is closed.  

Magician tells the audience that he will make the white card vanish.  As he says this, he tilts the box so the blue dot door is lower than the red dot door and the white card slides across to the blue dot side of the box.  


The audience sees the card slide across the gap between the two doors.  


The magician then opens the red dot door to show the white card gone.  

The audience yells to the magician that they want the blue dot door opened.  

Now the magician tilts the red dot door side down and they see the card slide back.  


The magician now opens the blue dot door to show the compartment behind it empty.  


After sliding the card back and forth a few times and open the doors to tease the audience, the magician then agrees to open both doors at the same time.


 Both compartments are now shown empty!


The video will give you the basic idea for presenting the trick since this prop works the same way.  


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