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“Squash” was originated by the late Percy Abbott and is known as “the trick that built the Abbott Magic Company.” 

A shot glass containing any kind of liquid is seen in full view on the palm of one hand. The other hand covers the glass and the hands are squeezed together. When the hands separate the glass of liquid has vanished and both hands are empty!

The same glass (not a duplicate) is produced from behind the performer’s knee (or from anywhere else) and the effect is repeated!

There is no get-ready or preparation.


Another presentation is to have the glass setting on a table - slap the glass - clap your hands - and the glass and its contents are gone!

Originated by Percy Abbott and first manufactured and sold in 1935, over the years Squash has proven to be a sensation among magicians and laymen alike. Often copied it has never been equalled!

You can perform this two feet from the audience and still fool them!

And, you can work it five minutes after you receive it!


SKU: KA-0001
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