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This silk vanish box may also be called a "Gizmo" box. Many items such as rope, beads, or ribbons can be vanished or transpositions made with this box, not just silks. Therefore you actually get dozens of tricks not just one!

- Show the box empty. Then insert one red, one white, and one blue silk into the box chamber. Now remove an american flag from the chamber and show the box empty!
- A silk handkerchief having lipstick imprints is passed through the box and comes out clean.
- A one foot piece of rope is placed in the box and comes out six feet long.
- Wrap loose beads in a silk and insert them into one side of the box and then out the other. Unwrap the beads to show them strung on a necklace! Now show the box empty.

And many more!

Twenty routines in all are suggested with the instruction for use with this quality piece of magic equipment.


SKU: np-3383
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