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Clearly worded instructions and 251 illustrations show beginning as well as veteran conjurers how to pluck a seemingly endless numbr of coins from the air, make a coin penetrate a table top, and perform psychic tricks with coins and bills.

-Quick Print - lets you apparently print a genuine $5 bill on blank paper
- Bunco Bills - takes the audience behind the scenes to expose the methods of the shortchange artist
- Metal Bending
- Tower of nickels
- Balancing Act
- Thru the Ring
- Immovable Object
- Sealed Box Mystery
- And many others

No previous experience is necessary to perform these tricks and apart from the required currency, most call for nothing more than a few easy-to-find items (table top, cup, handkerchief, playing cards, etc.). Almost all can be mastered in a short time.


SKU: DO-0008
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