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Borrow a spectator's ring and place it inside a silk hanky. Another spectator is asked to hold the ring through the silk hanky. You pull the hanky away and the ring has completely VANISHED!

The two ring boxes have been in plain view the entire time with one nested inside the other. Remove the inner box and turn it around showing everyone all sides. Now open it's locked door and take out the glass from inside the inner box. Point at the silk inside the glass and pull it out slowly. As the silk is opened, the vanished ring is found to be inside! Hand it back to the spectator for positive identification.

You may use a signed coin or any other similar small object.

Everything needed to produce this effect is included:

  • Outer Box with Handle
  • Inner Box with Handle and locking front door
  • Glass
  • 45 cm silk handkerchief for the ring vanish

You will need to provide the silk found inside the glass at the end (use a silk with a birthday message, etc).


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