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Professor's Nightmare is one of the coolest rope effects of all time! There are so many great possibilities!

If you love the cut & restored rope routine, but don't like purchasing more rope after each time yoiu perform the trick, then Professor's Nightmare is perfect for you. Cut the ropes once, wrap them around each other and keep them in your pocket everywhere you go.

The effect is truely versatile. It can be performed in an intimate situation or a large stage show. The Professor's Nightmare packs small and plays big! Don't forget that every rope can be examined before and after a performance.

Taking you through this journey is professional magician Ramon Medellin who has been performing and wowing audiences with Professor's Nightmare for many years. Ramon will teach you an astounding routine with 2 seperate endings. No matter your skill level, you will find many gems within this DVD.



SKU: NP23-5550
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