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Card magic has captivated man for many centuries. Today, it remains the most popular area of legerdemain, accounting for half of all tricks performed by magicians.


Now Karl Fulves, noted writer in the field of magic, has compiled a new treasury of foolproof card tricks, the definitive sequel to his popular Self-Working Card Tricks. This book contains a wealth of new material-captivating and baffling card wizardry that will amaze your audience and astonish even accomplished magicians.


Fulves shows you how to perform such classic card maneuvers as:

- Miraskil

- The Open Prediction

- Flip Top, AND

- The Jaks Two-Deck Trick


Clear, easy-to-follow directions, complemented by 96 instructive illustrations, help guide the novice through each trick.


Chapters on special areas of card magic and technique include:

- Impromptu Card Tricks

- Telephone Tricks

- Riffle-Shuffle Setups

- Two-Deck Card Tricks

- Telepathy With Cards

- Gambling Secrets

Neither great dexterity nor long hours of practice are required to master tricks offered in this collection-all succeed instantly by virtue of the step-by-step instructions.


Discover how this rich assortment of self-working tricks will mystify and delight friends and relatives-anyone intrigued by the ancient apppeal of "card magic."


SKU: DO-0002
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