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Do you want to read minds?

It is now possible with this amazing wallet you can use everyday! A spectator thinks of anything, writes it in the  Mind Reader  on a piece of paper, closes the Mind Reader, and it is put away completely out of sight. Again, the Mind Reader is never opened by you, the performer.

Defy the impossible, you the performer will know the spectator's thought! The Mind Reader is an ingenious method essential for performing mind reading effects.


"Become an instant thought reader!" 

• Quick to Perform, Easy to Learn 
• No Sleight of Hand Allows Free Handling 
• Gimmick Undetectable 
• Ultra Thin Profile 
• Useable Wallet for Everyday Use 



A Must have! You won't be disappointed!

This is a custom made device that allows you to instantly gain the secret thoughts of another spectator. Or you can give the appearance of you sending thoughts to your spectator. Have your spectator write down the name of a playing card, a number, or a symbol on a post-it note that is inside of a totally opaque wallet. The spectator then closes the wallet and places a rubber band around it. Without opening the wallet you know instantly what the spectator has written down!

In fact, the spectator can seal the wallet in a plastic bag and you could still gain the information!

No sliding or moving parts!

Everything can be freely handle without fear of detection!

There are no impressions, carbon paper, nothing stolen, no sleight of hand, no magnets, no center tears!

Fools even the most knowledgeable magicians or mentalists!


NOTE PAD refills for the Thought Transmitter and Mind Reader wallets. 

Slightly separate the lower left corner pages to activate the mind reading gimmick.


SKU: NP-880
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