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A beautiful square Chest with a lid is resting on your table. The Chest looks like it belongs in your home up on a shelf with treasured collectibles. You carried the Chest today so ANY spectator (NO stooge) can join you testing the properties of Light & Heavy objects in a little experiment.

Have this willing spectator hold the box a moment so you can prepare the experiment. Set the Light & Heavy Chest on the floor opening the lid & drop a silk inside.

Begin to talk about how objects appear to be lite in weight, but actually have very heavy properties. The extremely lightweight silk inside the Chest, actually has many heavy compounds & when put inside the chest against wood it will become nearly impossible to lift.

Now invite the spectator to lift the Chest with the heavy silk inside. The spectator can NOT lift the Chest at all, its just to heavy!

You explain some things appear to be light in weight, but are actually heavy! Now you open the lid & remove the silk, the spectator can NOW lift the Chest!

Here’s a great idea that gets laughs. Bring a big burley gentleman on stage first, then a child to lift the Chest at the end.

Look what you get with this well made magical item:
- Furniture Quality Apparatus!
- Show Freely at ALL Angles, before being set Down!
- NO Table Trapdoors or False Floors!
- NO Electricity, Wires or Magnets!
- Nothing Attached to You!


SKU: NP-7123
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