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What if you could have someone name any card, and you could prove that you knew

what they would say by pulling a playing card out of your (ungimmicked) hip pocket

style wallet? Regardless of what someone does, like lies about his thought of card, forgets his card, drops the cards all over the floor, refuses to give the deck back to you,

etc. With "Killer" the spectator can do anything he/she wants. The moment they do

so, you toss your everyday wallet on the table and say "go ahead". I'll even bet you ...!

Then this is the trick for you. For more versions of "Killer" that even out does the

original have a look at the "Killer Konceptions" manuscript below.



This manuscript contains what Kenton Knepper believes to be the most impressive and entertaining versions of Kolossal Killer ever!

Here you will find versions that outdo the original KOLOSSAL KILLER! These methods

include ways to do Killer without using a wallet, methods that allow you to hand the

spectators the wallet so the wallet would be truly empty, and much more. There are even

ideas from the late Doug Henning that Kenton couldn't keep to himself, as well as

contributions from many others.


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