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This delightful magic effect begins with the magician showing two cards such as the King of Spades and the King of Clubs.

They are placed on the table face up. The backs of the deck are shown by spreading them in a fan to reveal that the backs all have different pictures on them to make a Kaleidoscope of colors. The magician then deals each card face down into a pile and instructs the spectator to tell him when to stop. When the stop command of the spectator is heard, the magician marks the location by putting the face up King of Spades at that location and then places the rest of the deck on top of the pile. The spectator chooses another location in the deck in the same manner and the King of Clubs is similarly used to mark the location.

The magician then explains that the marker cards are looking for their mates. He then spreads down through the face down deck and removes the marker cards and the card above it at each location. The magician then asks "what are the chances that, out of all the different backed cards in the deck, you stopped at the two cards in the deck which match each marker card"? The magician then turns over the face up marker cards to show that their backs match the cards located in the deck. That's amazing enough, but what are the chances of the cards located in the deck matching the two locater cards? The magician then turns over the two face down cards which were located from the deck to show that, indeed, their faces also match the locator cards.

But it would not be much of a miracle if all the cards in the deck were Kings of Spades or Kings of Clubs would it? The deck is then turned over to reveal that all the other cards in the deck are Kings of Diamond. Not even close!

A Self Working Miracle and Easy To Do. No Sleights


SKU: HR-0008
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