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A how-to guide 4 everyone by David Blevins. Four pages are devoted to discussing the history, uses, and handling of the thread reel. Then 16 easy to do mind blowing effects are presented.
To name a few:

  • Floating Dollar
  • Floating Ring
  • Floating Rose
  • Rising Cards
  • Phickle-Nickel
  • Coins Through Table

And More ...



The purpose of this book is to provide clear information on effects possible with the INVISIBLE THREAD REEL (ITR) There are many styles of thread reels on the market and the ideas in this book can be used with any of them (not just the FXWIZARD). It is common for magicians to fear using invisible thread due to a desire to control the thread or anticipation of thread breakage. This book and your thread reel will help you overcome these obstacles with a little practice. Soon you will be performing like a pro!

Find our ITRs and Spider Pen with the help of the web site's search feature.

Learn to:

* Handle and repair an ITR.
* Choose the proper environment for performance.
* What types of objects to float.
* Routines for floating several objects with the ITR.
* And much much more!


SKU: CI-00390
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