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This program is hosted by Rick Castro of Mystic Magicand provides step-by-step instructions on how to execute 10 great tricks using the INVISIBLE DECK.


A few of the tricks you will learn are:

  • THE DREAM: A spectator flips one card over in his deck of cards and the magician explains that last night he had a dream that this was going to happen today so he turned over the one card he thought of in his deck at home..... It matches the one the spectator turned over today.
  • INVISIBLE FLIGHT: A spectator's chosen card vanishes from his deck only to return to the magician's deck facing in the opposite direction of the other cards.
  • X MARKS THE SPOT: A spectator is asked to mark one card in a deck. The magician then reaches for another deck of cards.... The two cards match and are marked with an X.

And Others.......

Rick also gives you tips on handling the invisible deck from his own experience.


SKU: NP22-1909
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