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A clear plastic rod is shown having six different colored gems on opposite sides. A spectator randomly selects one of the colors and then all the gems on both sides of the rod magically change to that color.

Only a few minutes practice will have you dropping people's jaws.



A plastic rectangular stick almost 5" long with reflective tape of six different colors is shown by the magician. The stick is shown to have the same colors on both sides. The magician asks a spectator to name a number from one to six. "Number three", says the spectator. The magician counts down to the third color on the stick. The color is blue. Now the magic happens as the magician closes his fist around the stick and turns it over. As the stick is withdrawn from the fist, there is only the color blue on the stick. It is the chosen color! The spectator is now shown that both sides of the stick are all blue!

Nice visual effect and easy to do after you know that certain something that makes it all work.

Also use our search feature to locate the booklet "40 Tricks with a Hot Rod" or put together your own routine.  

The Fan-Ta-Stik works the same as the Hot Rod.



The performer displays both sides of a brass rod marked with 6 blue dots on each of two opposite sides. A volunteer is asked to pick a color. Naturally the volunteer picks the only color, blue.

With a magical pass of the hand all 6 dots change to six different colors. Both sides of the brass rod are shown to have undergone the same transformation.

The volunteer is then asked to choose a number from one through six. The chosen number is used to select one of the six colors on the brass rod. With another magical pass, all dots on the rod are then changed to another selected color.

If you can do the "Hot Rod" then you can do this one. However those who know the "Hot Rod" routine will not be able to explain how this one was done.



A bigger, light weight aluminum version of the HotRod makes it better suited for larger crowds being more visible.

A color is selected by a spectator. With one magical shake, all the dots change to that color!

A great close-up street magic effect! Easy to learn in minutes.



All gems on the stick are shown to be clear. One at a time the magician changes each gem in turn to first red, then blue, and finally yellow! They are then returned to their original state.

Nice little bit of close-up magic. Very baffling for those who already know how to use a Hot Rod.



The magician magically demonstrates a story about one time when he was almost late for a performance, but magic saved him.

To demonstrate, a gem stick is shown with all red gems. "All the traffic lights were red, so to save time" he says, "I said the magic word (you fill in the blank here) as I approached the traffic light and it turned green so I was able to go through without stopping." The magician now shows that one of the red gems on the stick has turned green while the others remain red. Each red gem in turn changes to green while the others remain red and the magician tells his story of magically changing the traffic lights to meet his needs!

Very nice entertainment and leaves your close-up audience thinking that you are a very special magician!



Performer displays a black plastic rod showing that it is plane on both sides. Suddenly a clear gem appears on one end of the stick and then a second gem appears on the other end. The rod is pushed through the fist and one gem jumps from its end to join the other. Then a pivot of the stick to show that there are two gems on each side of the stick. Finally one of the gems is pulled down to the end of the stick next to the other one! The stick is then handed out for inspection to show that there are two gems together on one side and two gems at opposite ends of the stick on the other side.

Nice little close-up routine that will keep your spectators and other magicians guessing.


SKU: HR-0005
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