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The Effects: Currency notes, paper slips, playing cards, postage stamps, etc. can be produced, vanished or exchanged in the wallet. There are innumberable possibilities with this innocent looking apparatus.


The Wallet: It is made of leather so that it will last for years of constant use. The Miracle Wallet is a Himber Wallet made in India which gives you the lowest price possible for good quality. When this wallet is opened, the gimick is automatically locked. The open wallet has two pockets. One big full sized pocket and one small half pocket with a window. Anything placed in the big pocket is reversed when the wallet is closed and reopened and anything in the small pocket is vanished or exchanged when the wallet is reopened.


No skill is required, but you will want to get the book 21 Himber Wallet Routines to go with it. Use our search feature to locate it quickly.


SKU: NP11-1551
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