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The Genie in a Bottle is sometimes included as a part of beginner's magic sets. This version of the effect is better constructed than most and is good for many performances.

This effect has the magician show a bottle which is proven empty by turning it upside down. An eight inch length of rope is then lowered into the bottle. The magician mystically casts a spell over the rope and turns the bottle upside down again, but the rope does not fall out! The magician then holds the dangling end of the rope and lets the bottle fall, but it is attached to the rope so that it does not drop to the ground. The rope and bottle are mysteriously connected together! After swinging the bottle attached to the rope to show that both are firmly attached, the magician turns everything upright and jestures magically in order to break the bond between the rope and bottle. The rope is then gently removed from the bottle.

All can be handed out to the spectators for inspection.
Easy to do.


SKU: NP97-0027
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