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The book is edited by Leo Behnke and presents valuable information on the proper use of several ready-made forcing decks and tricks that can be done with each for greatest impact.


The following is a list of the decks discussed:

* One-Way Forcing Deck

* Two-Way Forcing Deck

* Three-Way Forcing Deck

* Svenjali Deck

* Mirage Deck

* Split Deck

* Mene-Tekel Deck

* Telomatic Deck

* Stripper Deck


But that's not all!  Also explained are how to customize a deck for forcing.  


The followng are the methods explained with accompanying tricks for using the decks.

1) 14/15

2) Number Forcing Pack

3) The Short Deck


These forces will give you an edge over other magicians in your area.


SKU: CI-0070
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