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In his first major collection, Phil Goldstein has sifted through hundreds and hundreds of fine card effects he has invented over the years, and chosen 60 of his best tricks and routines.


These 60 tricks have been designed to combine simplicity and directness with maximum magical effect on an audience.


140 Pages and Fully Illustrated


Since 1965, Phil Goldstein has published over 1000 ingenious tricks and routines. From this huge body of work he has chosen 60 of his best card tricks, the cream of the bountiful crop. His criteria were clarity of plot, entertainment value, and high magical content. Focus contains all 60 of these choice effects, the very best from one of today's most acclaimed creators.

Among the many excellent tricks in this volume, Mr. Goldstein has finally parted with "Impressions," a routine with which he has baffled the world's leading magicians. A joker transforms itself time after time into a duplicate of any card picked from the deck, including an imaginary card! This is just one of the 60 astonishing and professional effects explained in Focus, an important work by one of the most extraordinarily creative talents in magic.

Focus is the first major compilation of Mr. Goldstein's widely dispersed body of work. It contains 60 of what he considered to be the best routines he had published up to then, though he does state in his introduction that selecting the items was no easy task, then he goes on to add, "A few months earlier, I probably would have made slightly different choices; a few months from now, I'll surely wonder why I didn't." In short, this is an exceptional collection of card magic that will engage your mind, your hands, and your audiences. I can't imagine anyone not enjoying this book thoroughly.


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