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The Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks is a comprehensive work on one of magic's most fascinating branches. In its pages, the student will learn everything from impromptu feats -- miracles worked at a moment's notice -- to parlor tricks, escapes, puzzles, comedy presentations, complete rope routines, and stage-filling illusions. Many of these tricks have been drawn from the repertoires of some of the world's most famous, creative magicians.

Magic at all skill levels, for magicians of all skill levels, is described. From tricks and stunts aimed at beginners, to professional-grade mysteries, Stewart James' concise text, accompanied by hundreds of illustrations, makes unraveling these secrets easy. The Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks is a near-complete course in rope magic, perhaps the world's most comprehensive textbook on rope magic extant.

Inside you will learn the secrets behind:

  • The Indian Rope Trick
  • Cut and Restored Rope
  • Walking Through a Rope
  • Rope Through Neck
  • Stretching a Rope
  • Knot Tricks
  • Penetrations
  • Illusions
  • Suspensions
  • Stewart James' Sefalaljia
  • Animations


About the Author
Stewart James (1908-1996) was a peculiar, prolific magical genius. A seemingly unending output of original, fresh magical creations flowed from his pen for nearly all of his adult life. Stewart James practiced, invented and created magic; his creativity inspired countless others and his life's work has had a resounding effect in the field of conjuring.

A storehouse of magical knowledge, James was uniquely qualified to compile and edit three volumes of The Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks. All three books, hailed by the fraternity as important, essential works, have been gathered together in this new, revised edition for the first time.


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