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The next big thing from the creative mind of Yigal Mesika and Zeev Fleischman!


A mind-blowing masterpiece and a mentalist's dream, this effect bridges the mental and the physical. The shock from electric touch will make audiences excited and they will remember you for the rest of their lives. Perform it anywhere on a moment’s notice.


Imagine while using your "powers" of your mind, you ask someone to think of a number or pick a card. You then hold your finger up and ask your volunteer to focus on that number or card and transfer that thought to you simply by touching your finger.

When your fingers touch, you give them an electric static shock, and to their breathtaking surprise, the identity of the thought of card seems to travel from their brain to yours to deliver an unbelievable presentation as you announce it's identity and blow their mind! You’ve got to see it to believe it!


Other effects are also possible.

- With a touch of your finger, make a fluorescent light bulb glow on and off under your command!
- Make confetti move under your command!
- Charge a spoon or keys and watch as it shocks a volunteer!
- They will believe you have supernatural powers!
- Make the biggest skeptic into a believer!

Includes Bonus DVD! 


SKU: np-7323
$185.00 Regular Price
$150.00Sale Price
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