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This wallet which was created by Chuck Leach comes with instructions for 25 excellent magical effects.

The wallet opens from only one side and allows the magician to switch items such as playing cards, business cards, and hand written messages for the corresponding blank item. The special feature of this wallet is that the switches are visible. That is you see, for example, a blank playing card go into the wallet and continue to see it through a hole as it is inserted into the wallet. When the card is pulled out and without leaving the spectator's sight, it is seen to have magically printed itself.

Props and instructions for "Magician's Insurance Policy" and other effects are included.



Show both sides of a blank card & thin wallet. The wallet is a 'Thought Camera' and the card is the 'Thought Film.' The 'film' is slid into the wallet. You can see it move past the hole in the front of the wallet. The card never leaves the spectator's sight. A spectator initials the card through the hole in the wallet, then concentrates on her card as you take a picture of her thought. The spectator slides the 'film' out of the 'camera.' It has developed into a picture of her card! With her initials!

People actually see the switch take place, but what they see only convinces them that a switch could not have taken place!


Perform a wide range of effects with the Eclipse Wallet! Card Tricks

* Mentalism

* Business Card Printing

* Kidshow Tricks.

The Eclipse Wallet is self-working.


SKU: CZ-0011
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