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Six cards are fanned and shown to a spectator face down. The spectator is asked to point to one of the face down cards. The card is turned face up and seen to be blank except for a blue dot on it's center. The card is placed on the table face up. The magician now proceeds to tell the spectator that he must be very lucky or have ESP since the only odd color was selected. As each of the remianing cards are turned over they are also seen to be blank, but have a red dot on their center. Now for the interesting part. The process is then immediately repeated. The spectator may pick the blue dot card again or a red dot card this time. It doesn't matter which. The magician will then proceed to show that all the remaining card dots are different from the selected one.

You will be tempted to repeat the trick several times, but stop at three. Easy to do. Only one subtle move is employed which is a natural move for all practical purposes. The instructions also include two optional finishes which show that the magician actually has control over the color of the dots at all times. Have fun with this one.


SKU: RO-00242
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