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The Dirty Work Station has been created to meet the need for a Clean method that allows the magician to do tricks that would normally require the cover up or disposal of "something" at the end of the routine. The Dirty Work Station allows the magician to secretly add a card or cards to a deck, load a card or cards to a container (box or envelope, etc.), switch card one for the other, and more. And all can be examined at the beginning and end.

You will receive several ideas and tips for the use of the work station and instructions for the care of the work station so that it will last a lifetime.

You will also receive instructions for two excellent routines which will ulitmately give you ideas for many other routines. The two routines you receive are THOUGHT-OF CARD APPEARING FROM A BLANK DECK and THOUGHT-OF CARD IN THE WALLET/ENVELOPE.

As a bonus, you get a CD Rom showing the use of the work station with several more different routines and two decks of Bicycle cards.

Great Professional Utility For the Card Man.



A true lethal and secret weapon in your arsenal of magic and mentalism! Are you looking for the perfect "Any Card Called For" effect? Are you looking for the perfect "Any Card to Wallet" effect? Are you looking for the perfect "Invisible Deck" effect? Are you looking for the perfect "You Name It" effect? Are you looking for the perfect "Thought-Of Card to Impossible Location" effect? Then the dirty Work Station by Jansenson Magic is the answer you've been looking for all these years.

We had the pleasure of Jansenson, one of Argentina's most famous and prestigious magicians, visit us in our shop, and when he performed all of the effects described above, our jaws literally dropped and our minds soared with the possibilities this item has!

Just imagine:

The performer leaves an unprepared envelope upon his close-up pad. He states that inside is a single unprepared card. He then asks two volunteers to think of a card number and a card suit. Let us say that the first volunteer mentions the number "8" and the second volunteer names "clubs" (it is a truly free choice among the spectators). Showing his hands completely empty, with the sleeves rolled up, the performer picks up the envelope, opens it or tears it apart, and reaches inside, pulling out a single card. Incredibly, it is the 8 of Clubs! The envelope can be completely examined as well as the card. This can be repeated immediately with another envelope and another free selection!


But that's not all! Oh, NO!

The performer spreads a deck of blank-faced cards upon his close-up pad. With the exception of the missing faces, the cards are normal and can be checked and shuffled by a spectator. The performer asks the spectator to merely think of any card number and any suit. The performer drops the cards face-up and begins to mix them up on the pad and asks the spectator to name their selection. Let us say that the selection called for is the 3 of hearts. The performer gathers the cards and asks the spectator to imagine that their selected card begins to materialize within the blank-faced cards themselves. And it does, for as the spectator mixes the cards and spreads them out upon the pad, their freely-selected card is seen amongst the blank-faced deck. INCREDIBLE! Wait -- there's so much more:

A regular blue-backed deck of cards is shuffled freely and inspected by the spectator. There is no funny stuff at all! An unprepared wooden box, card box, whatever container you would like to use is introduced and examined by the spectator. The cards are then assembled and placed within the box as the performer asks the spectator to think of a number of a card and a card's suit. The spectator freely names the 5 of diamonds. With empty hands and rolled-up sleeves, the performer opens the box and dumps out the cards, ribbon spreading them about the close-up pad. There is one, and only one red-backed card in the middle of the spread. This in itself is a surprise as the cards were examined earlier, but the spectator takes the red-back card and turns it over herself -- it is the 5 of diamonds!

Never before in the magic world has there been such a diverse and multi-functional utility item than with the dirty Work Station. Not only does it aid you in performing all of the above effects, its potential is so much more! Professionals around the globe have witnessed its potential and devastating effect on laymen and magicians alike, they have purchased it on the spot! Just ask the pros like Tommy Wonder, Joshua Jay, Henry Evans, and more!

We only wish that we could show you how this incredible close-up pad works, as you would immediately respond and respect the work and the method behind it! When you purchase it, you will wish that no one else in the world knew about or owned it but you! The pad itself is a work of art, boasting a velvet/rubber top, making ribbon spreads and coin work feel incredible! Designed and constructed to last a lifetime, and with the extremely discriminating magician in mind, it is elegance at its foremost definition! Measuring a full 23" X 15" it is perfect for both the close-up and parlor venues!


SKU: MC11-0925L
$299.00 Regular Price
$199.00Sale Price
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