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The performer shows a small wallet with a square opening on each side. There is a flap over one of the openings. A small double-sided mirror, attached to a ribbon, is passed out for inspection. It is found to be solid. The mirror is placed into the wallet with only the ribbon exposed. A die (singular for dice) is passed out for inspection. The wallet is turned so the flap is upward and the die is placed on the mirror which is in the opening on top of the wallet and under the flap. The spectator is then instructed to hold onto the end of the ribbon sticking out of the front of the wallet. The spectator is also instructed to not let go of the ribbon at all for the duration of the trick. The spectator is also told that if he or she drops the mirror, it will be 14 years bad luck bucause it is double-sided! Suddenly the die begins to slowly sink into the mirror, first a little, and then half way, and finally the die passes completely through the mirror! It falls to the table or floor.

The die and mirror are again passed out for examination.


SKU: NP-0112
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