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This is a classic magician's accessory that has survivied through the decades because it is an extremely simple and effective way of vanishing any small item.


A handerchief is shown freely on both sides. The four corners are gathered to form an improvised bag, and the object to be vanished is dropped into the bag. The handkerchief is whipped open, held by one corner, and the item has vanished! The handkerchief is opened out flat and shown freely on both sides. No trace of the vanished item can be found!

You can vanish finger rings, coins, balls, wrist or pocket watches, or even a pack of cigarettes. The special construction of this prop enables you to use reasonably large and bulky items without exposing the secret.


Detailed instructions are provided for vanishing small objects and making them appear.

Handkerchief measures approximately 18" x 18" and has a slightly different design than the standard Devil's Hank.


SKU: NP11-0871
$12.50 Regular Price
$8.75Sale Price
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