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Make a light or Fire-Fly (twinkling light) float in front of your body.

  • NO need to stay in one position, perform walking! Under your control at all times!
  • NOTHING Attached to your Clothes.
  • NO Hooks!
  • One Touch Switch Activation
  • 14 inch Fire-Fly
  • 2 Extra Thin Floating Wires/Light Included
  • Light will NOTdeactivate accidentally while in use!


Just like the originals, the new authorized Dlite miracle, D’lite Flight, is versatile, durable, and amazing! Roger Mayfarth created Rocco’s Light from Anywhere in 1987. D'lite was designed for stage and close-up use by the world-renowned magician, Rocco.

D’lite Flight, by Mayfarth, doesn’t light up near the hand, but is rather flickering around in midair! The LED strobes on and off very quickly, while the gimmick causes it to bounce around in the air.


D’lite Flight requires a darker performance venue than regular D’lites because of the additional gimmick.

Street performers that work late could definitely use D’lite Flight to draw crowds..


SKU: MH-0024
$35.00 Regular Price
$26.25Sale Price
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