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You get three 3" aluminum quality cups with four knit balls just like the professionals use. You also get a cloth carrying bag with drawstring for storage. The instructions teach you a classic routine where three balls are placed under three cups jump from one cup to another by vanishing and appearing! As a finale a lemon (or other similar object) appears from under the cup rather than the expected ball!



This set of 3 cups and balls comes complete with the instructions for a brief routine that is strong and elegant, yet easy to perform. Also provided is a velvet bag with a draw string. Very professional looking.

The magician is seated at a table, but not far away form the audience. The polished aluminum cups are stacked mouth up on the table. First the three balls are shown in the magician's hand and then appear under the cups. Next the balls travel from under each cup to one cup. Then the balls are shown to penetrate the cups, one by one. Finally the balls are retrieved from the cups and when the cups are lifted again large fruit loads are revealed from under the ups.

See our book section for more excellent routines with the Chop Cups and Balls.



This set comes with one Chop Cup and two knit balls, and complete instructions. Also included is a cloth bag with a draw string for a very professional appearance.

The magician starts with the cup mouth up on the table. The ball is taken out of the cup and the cup is turned upside down on the table. The ball is then put into the magician's pocket. The cup is lifted to show that it is empty, but then with a magical pass and a second lift of the cup, the ball is found to appear under the cup. The ball is removed again from under the cup and put into the magician's pocket. Again the ball appears under the cup. After the magician repeats the process again, a large load is seen to appear in place of the ball for a finale.

This is close up magic at it's best.




SKU: NP59-0025
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