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Chinese sticks is one of those classic magic effects that has survived the passage of time. Presentation is almost everything for a good performance of Chinese sticks. The entertainment skills of the magician can make this effect the high light of the show or just another ho-hum trick. The general routine is to show the Chinese Sticks as having a string with a tassel attached to one end of each stick. One tassel has been drawn up to the end of the stick while the other is hanging below the stick. The magician explains that by pulling down on the tassel of the shorter string, he can make it the same length as the longer string on the other stick. However as the magician proceeds to demonstrate by pulling down on the shorter string and tassel, the longer string with it's tassel shortens until it is up to the end of the stick. It appears to the spectators that the strings are really one continuous string attached at the back ends which the magician is holding together in his hand. No not that simple. The magician then puts the stick with short string under his arm and holds the other stick with the long string in his hand. The short string's tassel is pulled down, but still the longer string shortens as the shorter string is lengthened which proves the "one continuous string theory" false. The magician then explains that actually the spectators were not that far off and confesses that the tassels on the sticks are connected by an "invisible magic string" . This is then demonstrated by holding the Chinese Sticks in one hand and pulling on the invisible string which is allegedly at the back end of the sticks. As this is being done both tassels rise to the short string position.


The routine is very easy to do and makes a wonderful addition to any magic performance if done with enthusiasm. Additional routines are also possible. Local customers can ask to talk with the New Planet Magician for more information.


SKU: GF-0003
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