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A playing card is folded in half lengthwise so that only the back design shows. A second card is folded in half across its breadth. The card folded lengthwise is pushed between the folded halves of the second card. As it is pushed through, THE CARD VISIBLY TURNS INSIDE OUT, so that the face of the card now shows. The cards are opened out to show all is fair.


The effect is now repeated. Everything can be examined at the end. You need to see it to believe it. No sleight of hand required.  We provide you with written instructions and a deck of cards to get started while you learn the routine.  Watch the video here to appreciate the visual effect. 


Card Warp uses no special gimmicks.  It is recommended that you order the DVD of instructions to watch the complete routine plus get a bonus effect.  

The complete routine is performed by professinal magician Ben Salinas so that you can  master the effect yourself.


Bonus Section featuring Steve Tippeconnic brings us Phantom Cards, a stunning magical transposition of the four aces.


SKU: NP11-0184
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