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The Card Swami is a magical apparatus that will allow you to perform mind-boggling effects that will fool the most knowledgeable magicians! The Card Swami is designed for use with a Bicycle poker size deck. Add it to your own deck, or a borrowed deck. When The Card Swami is in the deck, it is cmpletely invisible. Your hands are empty and the faces and backs of all the cards can be shown. You can freely display and mix the cards, even have a spectator cut them. The effects you will perform with The Card Swami are incredible. People will think you are a master of sleight of hand or a real mind reader.

This booklet offers performing tips & over a dozen routines including the following.

  • Read people's minds - Many people freely select cards without you seeing them. You read each person's mind one at a time to reveal their card
  • Memorized deck - Instantly memorize a deck mixed by a spectator, then name the number of cards the spectator cuts off & the card cut to
  • Swami mental epic - Correctly predict three cards before they are freely selected from the deck
  • Card from pocket - Remove a card from your pocket that matches a freely selected card known only to the spectator

And more


SKU: CZ-0012
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