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CARD IN WATCH An absolutely normal watch... unless you tap a button. Then a card will appear and disappear every 30 seconds!


CARD IN WATCH is a very practical magic trick since it looks like a REAL watch (plus it is pretty classical and beautiful so no one will ever notice your watch might be magic)". By pressing a button you can have a card appearing and disappearing every 30 seconds !".


How to use it ?

CARD IN WATCH is the easiest trick to use ever. Just force a card to your audience and the card's image will appear in your watch.


Here are two routines for you to start :

1. Force a card and give your watch to your audience asking him/her, to count how long you need to find the card in the deck. After 30 seconds the card will appear in the watch completely astonishing your audience.

2. Force a card and ask your audience to put it back in the deck. Shuffle the deck and hide the card so that it is not in the deck anymore. Explain you’re sorry that you cannot find the right card. Finally look at your watch and explain the reason is the card moved to your watch !

How simple!


SKU: T-03
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