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This effect was formally known as Visible Torn & Restored Cigarette.


The magician borrows a cigarette. Telling the audience he is trying to "break the habit", he tears it into several pieces. Placing the pieces into his hand, he makes a magical pass and when the hand is opened, the cigarette is completely restored! But that's not all. Now the magician tears the filter off and places it into his pocket. Holding the remaining portion of the cigarette between the finger and thumb, the filter magically jumps back onto the cigarette!

Once you master the basic routine, you will see that there are many other effects that can be done with this gimmick.


CD Video Instructions Included!


Rodger Lovins has created cigarette magic for years & now you can have his masterpiece! This is the very best torn and restored cigarette effect you will ever perform!

You get a hand made gimmick that Rodger lovingly crafts for you that does most of the dirty work. The instant restoration at the end of the routine must be seen to be believed.

Rodger's gimmick is made from a remarkable synthetic material that allows for the absolutely stunning ending to the routine. Brilliant is the best word to describe it!


SKU: NP7409
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