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Imagine the fun performing behind the bar as a magic bartender.  You'll need to know more than a few card tricks though.  


In two hours, Eric Mead, Bob Sheets and Scotty York use their years of experience to show and tell you how to be a success behind the bar.  They reveal some of their proven favorite routines and also discuss in four informative interviews how to make a good living performing in this venue.  This is the definitive DVD on the art of bar magic.


You will see and learn:

Eric Mead's Bar Magic Performance

Scotty York's Change for a Twenty

Scotty York's Bar Magic Performance

Bob Sheet's Bar Magic Performance

Bob Sheet's Heba Haba Handkerchief

Bob Sheet's TONTE

Eric Mead's Lazy Man's Card Under Bottle Explanation

Eric Mead's Short Fuse Explanation

Scotty York's Change for a Twenty Explanation

Scotty York's Color Changing Knives Explanation

Bob Sheet's Hydrostatic Glass Explanation

Bob Sheet's Killer Three Card Monte Explanation


SKU: NP24-0359
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