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This trick is for children's shows and can be made into a funny sucker magic routine.


A wooden board has three ropes passing through it. One rope is in the center and the two other ropes are at each end of the board.  One end rope has a wooden ring tied on to it.  The board with the ring and ropes is passed from hand to hand behind the magician and the ring is seen to have changed from rope on one end of the board to the other end when it appears again.  The audience will giggle and point out that all the magician did was turn the board around to make the ring appear to jump from one rope the the other.  


Well, maybe the magician forgot to use the magic so this time when the rope is passed around the magician and out of sight behind him, the ring has jumped to the center rope.  Yes, the magician wins the amazement of the audience again.    ENJOY!


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