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Enlarge you magic repertoire and amaze your friends with mystifying rope tricks you can easily learn from this legendary encyclopedia of rope magic for magicians.  


The book contains over 150 tricks, many created by masters of rope magic.  

You are taught step by step how to perform the best rope tricks ever devised.  

The book will also forever remain a complete and informative reference that will be of value for years to come.


The following is a sample of the magic you will find:

Ralph Hull's Vanishing Knot

C. T. Jordan's Mystifying Knot

The Rope and Rings Mystery

Loop the Loop

Nevil Maskelyne's Leg Tie

Jordan's Psychic Ring Release

The Famous Kellar String Trick

Stanyon's String Restoration

Carl Brema's Knotted Rope

Eddie Clever's Triple Cut Routine

And many many more!


SKU: NP20-0100
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