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Silk in Glass Plus

The magician shows his hands to be empty and takes a transparent glass from the table, holding it with his thumb and index finger at the bottom.


The spectators can see that the hand and glass are otherwise empty.


Suddenly, a red silk appears inside the glass.


The silk appears so that nobody will see where it came from!

As if that is not enough, a second, different colored silk instantly appears in the glass seconds later!


No mirror, thread, wire or body load is used. It works nearly automatically and can be performed under full lighting. The silks can be used for other tricks immediately after their appearance.


Werry's Silk in Glass comes in a very attractive box with the specially prepared glass, an accessory, and detailed instructions.


Use your own silks.


SKU: NP-9795
$32.00 Regular Price
$22.40Sale Price
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