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The magician displays a coke bottle sitting on his right hand's palm. The bottle is in plain view of the audience. the magician then explains that he is now going to make the coke bottle disappear by a mere snap of his fingers. He does so and convinces himself that the bottle has now diappeared.

However, when he looks at his right hand, he finds that the bottle is still there. He then explains to the audience that he made a mistake and forgot to cover the bottle with the cardboard tube (which is only half the size of the bottle). He does so, covering only the upper portion of the bottle, and again snaps his fingers in an attempt to vanish the bottle, but again the bottle fails to disappear.

Appologising to the audience, he now explains that he forgot to cover up the bottle with a silk handkerchief. He now covers up the bottle & tube and proceeds to snap his fingers once more. Upon removal of the silk he disappointedly finds that the bottle has still not vanished. The bottle, still inside and partially covered by the tube, is placed on the table and he apologises to the audience yet another time.

This time the magician says that there is one more thing that he forgot to do. He now claps his hands over the bottle & tube. As the tube is fully pushed down to the table, the bottle is visibly seen to disappear!

The tube can now be turned to show the audience it's inside revealing that the bottle has really vanished!

Easy to do. Excellent trick for parlor or stage.


SKU: NP-0130
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