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81 Foolproof Tricks

Put a little magic into your life! Karl Fulves, one of the best-known writers in the field, shares tricks of the trade in this marvelous book-over 80 foolproof, easy-to-perform paper miracles that anyone can master.

You'll need nothing up your sleeve, no previous experience, no special dexterity to execute these seemingly impossible feats. Fulves' clear step-by--step directions and 367 instructive illustrations enable even beginning magicians to work wonders with paper. Now produce a mind-reading effect with file cards, make a piece of newspaper disappear, perform a routine in which paper rings link "magically." You'll find that a puzzling routine such as the "Magic Mailbox" works best as a close-up trick, while the "Japanese Checkers" illusion can be done as a showy stage effect.

In tricks ranging from "telepathy to teleportation," learn how to:

- reveal serial number on spectator's bills
- solve a murder as the "Psychometric Detective"
- transport a cup of soda from inside a paper bag to a borrowed hat
- pass a pencil through a jacket
- cause a star to materialize
- a hole punched in piece of paper to migrate to another piece of paper
- create paper animals that seem to come to life and perform magic tricks
- create animated paper folds such as a charming rabbit that flaps its ears in seconds

Materials needed for these fascinating tricks range from single sheets of paper to bags, cups and paperback books. Lightweight, inexpensive and portable, they pack flat, take up little space and get big results!

Delight and astonish your family and friends with the easily mastered 81 foolproof tricks in Self-Working Paper Magic.

Paperbound, 160 5 3/8" by 8 1/2" pages, 367 illustrations.


SKU: NP-0089
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