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The magician shows two brass rings and a brass disk. The disk is sandwiched between the two rings to form upper and lower chambers. A spectator may examine these to see that they are solid and ungimmicked. Next four quarters are shown and examined by the spectator. The quarters are returned to the magician and put into the upper chamber formed by the stacked rings and disk to show that they all fit inside the chamber. The magician then removes the coins and then returns them to the upper chamber one at a time. A little magic pass and one of the quarters drops out of the bottom chamber into the spectator's hand! The quarters are dumped out of the upper chamber to show that there is only three left. The three are then put into the upper chamber one at at time and given a magic pass. One more quarter drops out of the lower chamber into the spectator's hand! Two coins are then put into the upper chamber and one drops through again to the spectator's hand! For the last quarter, first stack the first three quarters on the spectator's hand and then place the lower chamber of the rings and disk over the stack. Put the fourth quarter into your pocket and then magially pull it out of the pocket through the outside fabric of the pocket and drop it unseen into the upper chamber. After this is done, lift the rings and disk off the stack of three quarters to show that a fourth quarter has been added to the specatator's hand!

Execellent routine that will establish you as a skilled close-up magician. The written instructions make it easy to learn. (DVD not included)


SKU: HR-0020
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