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The best and easiest way to force a playing card. The "Pop Eyed Popper Deck" is the best rough and smooth deck available on the market today. It's great for every card magic performer from professional magicians to beginner magicians just starting to learn card tricks.

When spread face up, the "Pop Eyed Popper Deck" (also known as the "Rough-Smooth Forcing Deck") looks like an ordinary deck of Bicycle Playing Cards. All the cards are different and it looks fairly shuffled.

When you turn the cards face down though and allow a playing card to be selected, you'll always know what card it is. That's because, due to a special secret within the deck, you can force them to choose a certain card with no sleight of hand or skill required.

The "Pop Eyed Popper Deck" is the best card force and easiest card force you'll ever learn. If you can spread or fan a deck of cards, you can use the "Pop Eyed Popper Deck".


SKU: NP13-0875
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