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The spectator is asked to examine a clear glass and to make sure that it is exactly as it appears to be. A deck of playing cards is then shown to the spectator. The front and back are fanned, showing the cards to be a regular deck and then Hindu shuffled. The magician reaches in his pocket and acts as though he brings out two invisible quarters. The specatator is asked, "Have you ever seen invisible quarters?" "No, of course not", says the magician who goes on to say, "Well, there are two of them right here. You can only see them as they penetrate through this glass."

The magician then takes the glass back and holding the deck of cards in the left hand, he places the glass on top of the cards with the mouth of the glass down on the center of the deck. The magician acts as though to pick up one of the coins and shows it. He then smacks it onto the top of the glass and a quarter is seen to land on top of the deck of cards! It is then slid off the deck with the glass and on to the table. The glass is then replaced on top of the deck. The magician then picks up the second quarter and repeats the magical appearance again. Now the magician places the glass and the cards fanned face up on the table.

Show a smile to the applause of your specatators.

Easy to do
No special slights used..


SKU: LF-0199
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