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This is a utility item through the help of which you can make water (or any other liquid) appear or vanish. You can also change the color of a liquid. A must have item for any magician!

Some Possible Effects:

  •  A glass of water is poured into a Foo Can. Then a Comedy Funnel (use our search feature to find one) is held against one ear of the spectator. The water from the Foo Can is poured into the other ear. The water appears to travel from one ear to the other and exit through the Comedy Funnel!
  • A half glass of milk is visibly poured into the Foo Can. The milk is in turn poured in to a paper cone and then shown to have vanished!
  •  A glass of water is poured into the Foo Can and covered with a post card. The whole thing is inverted and the post card removed. Nothing spills out! The Foo Can's mouth is then covered by the post card again and everything is turned right side up. The post card is again removed and a full can of water is poured out! (you may also have the water change color when poured out)
  •  And more possiblilities are explained by the instructions.... including a routine with two Foo Cans.


SKU: NP-4648
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